Recess Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting, also called can lighting is a fixture that is mounted in the addict area where there is a large hole cut through the ceiling so the light will shine downward as shot light that will warm up any room. In the photo below you can see the framed can.

Everyone has seen the beauty and style of these lights, but few has seen the this view from this side of the light. Look at the light that is leaking from the can. Well this light leak also leaks heat from your home right into the outside. Not just when the light is on but all winter long.

You can just imagine the amount of heat loss you can have it you have a room with 10 or more lights in a room. Many find the rooms drafty or the coolest part of the room

Typical Cost per year from one to 10 cans of recess lighting.

Recess Lighting Costs


Recess "Can" Lighting; offers more versatility for residential construction than than any other lighting. From the interior of the home it looks beautiful and can generate a large amount of light in an area.

However, did you know that this type of lighting creates penetrations that allows conditioned air (heated air) to leak into unconditioned spaces in your home, such as ceiling or attic cavities and greatly contributes to air leakage in your house. Air leakage is undesirable because it increases your fuel bills, causes discomfort, and leads to moisture problems. This moisture leakage can lead to the creation of mold in your attic. 

Recess Lighting Thermal Images

Thermal imaging camera showing heat loss. Outside view showing the effects. through an unsealed recessed light.

These large rough openings needed to install recessed light fixtures and the numerous holes in the housing and trim assembly make them extremely susceptible to air leakage if left improperly sealed from the conditioned space "Your Interior Space".

Recess Lighting Can Cost you Big Money

Depending on your home it is estimated that one conventional fixture can be responsible for a loss between $5 and $30 per year in energy, and can dump about one-third of a gallon of water daily into a cold attic. If you have 10 units in your home it can really add up.

Energy Cost Per Year v.s. # of Cans

Contractor's Finally Have a Solution

Seal-A-Light was developed to fill the need for the building envelope contractors giving them a fast, cost effective way to seal a recessed light fixture.


√  Made from a Heat retardant ABS plastic that meets E3903.2 code requirement for recessed light fixtures.
√  Fits most popular IC rated recessed light fixtures.
√  Can be covered with spray foam, blown-in, and lay-in insulation.
√  Stops air infiltration through the recessed light fixture.
√  Can be used in both roof/ceiling and floor/ceiling assemblies.
√  Durable and light weight for easy handling.
√ Maintenance free.
√  Installs in just minutes.